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Pleasure Guru

The word guru means expert. We all need guru in our life to get pleasure. In every hurdle of our lives, we need some experts to guide us on a right path of life. We are running to get success, unlimited happiness and pleasure of life but we need guidance or say we need a guru. We need guidance on trading, money management, debts management, work out, religion and romance. Let’s talk about trading as it can help us to make our life in pleasure. When we talk about trading, we love the opinion of our experts or gurus more than anyone else. We go to the guru of trading looking for help in the uncertainty of online trading. If you are planning to go for online trading, then you need expert in this field. There are many trading gurus; it will be pleasure for me to tell you some important points to get good trading guru:

  1. Trading style: First and foremost thing is that you should note what style or method your trading guru is practicing. Day trading, scalping, position trading, swing trading or investing. There are different trading skills, each need different skills and techniques. Trading is highly psychological attempt, arranging your style of trading.
  2. Track record: Track record can be fabricated and some gurus usually do fabricate them. But you have to go for actual trades which this expert has made. Then after this it will be pleasure for you to know that track record is better than no record. At the time you look at some of it, and then you are going to say which of them is honest and which one is not.
  3. Cost: We need money to make more and more money. You have to use your money for education with lots of pleasure. That will be your choice that you pay me or you pay to the market. It will help you in getting much knowledge about the market.

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