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Hot Video

If a child possesses hot wheels video racer cars, then it will become center of attraction between friends. If an adult have a set of hot wheels video racer cars, then it can be a memorable history of his or her childhood days. For the whole of decade, these extremely impressive toy cars from Mattel have given power boost to the imagination of the children and fueled the imagination of adults too. At the time of beginning, Mattel introduced its first product of model cars in the year 1968. It started production with sixteen different types of car models. These types of cars were more of collectables. Up to the time, some people came with the lots of ideas.

Demands of Hot wheels had gone up very rapidly. The company decided to launch cars with speed and good for stunting. After that some people decided to design their own track. People were busy designing their attractive track for stunting and the cars to jump, loops, taking long turn etc. There was only limited space for a toy car to move. Mattel then decided to launch a video car. After sometime, Mattel introduced new hot wheels video racer cars. These video cars were perfect for the children, who love stunts. It gives the moment of Fast and furious look. It will become much more fun when you are playing. It will like as you are driving the car. Mattel did take care of this and given the style of Hollywood movies like Fast and furious.

Well built camera of this video car allows you to capture video footage up to 24 minutes at 60 FPS 320X240 and 12 minutes at 30 FPS 640X480.

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