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Sex Guru

From the country that gave the world Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Otto Weininger, we bring you Wolfgang Weinberger, the world’s most clever sex, guru, london.
Almost 20 years after ‘Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus’ separated the country and the sexes, the governmental issues of affection and sex are back in the spotlight.

Composed and facilitated by Wolfgang Weinberger sex, guru, london will open at the Leicester Square Theater in London’s West End on September fifteenth 2012 and play an entirely restricted season.

Wry, saucy and here and there disrespectful, Austrian sexologist Weinberger delves profound into our sexual mind urging us to snicker at ourselves and offers us a solid measurement of lighthearted element from our close connections. This show could change your sex life!

He takes a diverted take a gander at the minefield that is sexual relations and looks at –

How frequently we ought to engage in sexual relations, What ladies truly need, Do we lose our sex drive, Does web dating work, Will you keep a sound adoration life in the wake of having children, Why do we have senseless sex faces, What is a worthy time between having intercourse and playing Angry Birds,Also the age-old inquiry – does size truly make a difference.

He likewise gives new understanding into how to correspond with an accomplice and how to keep your sex life crisp and vivacious! Furthermore he, and his groups of onlookers, offer some keen and some “option” answers for keeping up sexual euphoria seeing someone and guaranteeing a long and content future with your accomplice.

This extraordinary show incites wild delight after quite a while without requiring a solitary joke – its all focused around rock robust science, the study of sex, guru, london.

Clever, provocative however constantly shrewd, this is a striking endeavor to by and by resolution the skirmish of the sexes. Also you will leave the theater with the capacity to make sexual pandemonium or joy! wherever you go . Crowds are encouraged to bring along their companions they may require

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